Sunday, August 18, 2013

It has been quite a spring/summer here at Rona.  I apologize for not updating!  We had a very tragic event.  Our Paisley who was bred to Dash was accidently run into by our Springer Spaniel, who runs like the wind.  Paisley was almost 5 weeks pregnant.   We did take her to the vet 2 times during the week long heartbreak. By the 7th day we had watched her go from a limp of the right leg, to dragging her both back legs like a seal.  Our vet quickly got us in at the Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialists and Emergency Center, where with such wonderful care, they were able to do the 2 surgeries necessary.  Paisley was spay (sadly 7 pups were no longer), and then she was rolled over to have her ruptured disc repaired.  Amazingly, she has recovered nicely.  She is still a little stiff in the mornings, but, after a couple of months of therapy, separation from her housemates, and lots of TLC, she is doing well.  We are saddened by her loss of babes and the spay, but SOOO greatful for modern medicine and the kind heart and hands that helped her get back to being the wonderful spirit she is.  Although she can no longer be a momma, she is still a crucial part of our breeding program.  She is one of the BEST when it comes to playing with other puppies and teaching them to play and socialize, so her role in our breeding program has just changed a bit!  And yes, I still cringe if someone bumps her, but she seems to be healing just fine.  We were told it would be 6 months before she is completely healed, we are more than half way there, she is such a trooper!!!  Love this girl!

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