Thursday, May 29, 2014

Brylie and Tucker should have a litter July 18 or after

Maggie is being bred to Bogey for a late July litter

Bogey is the sire of Cheyenne's litter and is being bred to Maggie

We have had a very busy couple of months.  Cheyenne is due the week of June 8.  Brylie should be pregnant, not confirmed yet, but should be due July 18 or after.  Maggie is being bred now, she should be due July 26 or after.  I will post when they are confirmed either way.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Cheyenne and Bogey have been bred.  Litter is due in June.  This will be their first litter together.
Brylie and Tucker will be bred in a week or two.  This is a repeat breeding.  They produced a nice litter together last winter.  Gingerbread/Lulu and Candy Cane/Cupid are past puppies from this breeding, pictures are on the page.  Providing all goes well, we will be expecting a litter in mid July.
Bogey is the sire of the litter due in June

Bogey and Cheyenne expecting a litter in June

Cheyenne....not wanting her picture taken....

Cheyenne is the dame of our upcoming litter.

Miss Brylie will be bred to Tucker in the next couple of weeks.  Brylie is a Red Brindle Piebald Smooth Coat.   Tucker is an EE Extreme Red Piebald Long Coat.  Praying for a successful breeding and a sweet litter in July.