Thursday, April 30, 2015

Our Miss Harley-Rose setting the sunbathing bar very high!  

Our retired Dash!

Duchess, Bogey, Brylie, Paisley and Avalon

Our Bogey

Cheyenne.....maybe pregnant....should be able to tell in the next week.


Koda Bear...retired

Our Chaos will be bred to Brylie on her next heat cycle.

Our Echo....still growing

Our Brylie will be bred to Chaos her next heat cycle.  Should be in the fall.


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Paisley would never know she was knocked over by our springer and had to undergo a spay and spinal surgery @ 5 weeks pregnant just under 2 years ago.   <3  She was a great momma and now is a great puppy socializer.  

Echo and Chaos...the youngsters.  I was feeding chickens and they wanted to way!

My <3 Bogey


Echo...just looking at her reflection


Elsa will be arriving next month!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cheyenne and Bogey's 2014 litter

Cheyenne and Bogey's 2014 litter

Cheyenne and Bogey's 2014 litter

Monday, April 6, 2015

Cheyenne has been bred with Bogey.  Watch for a litter in May.

Elsa will be joining our household in May!  She has a lot of growing to do.  She will be bred in 2017.

Chaos is coming of age.  He is our newest male.  He is a red brindle smooth coat. 

Tucker and Cheyenne relaxing on the bench.

As long as it wasn't too cold...the doxies ventured outside for some snow fun!

Echo is our red brindle piebald long coat.  Still growing up! She will be bred in 2016
Big girl Bailey likes to snuggle with the doxies too!  Snuggling with Cheyenne, Paisley and Chaos
We are pleased to share.......Cheyenne has been bred to Bogey.  We are praying for puppies the end of May/first of June.  This will be an AKC LIMITED REGISTRATION litter.  Both parents are long haired all long haired litter.   Cheyenne is a chocolate and tan piebald long haired and Bogey is a cream brindle long haired.  Cheyenne is out of our Harley-Rose, chocolate and tan smooth, and our Tucker, chocolate based red extreme piebald long.

Contact me if you are interested in being on a waiting list.  304-680-4454 or on Facebook at Rona Dachshunds by Dogwood Kennel LLC, send me a message.  Thanks for your interest and I will continue to update as we see progress.