Friday, January 11, 2013

New Dachshund Puppy Needs

New Dachshund Puppy Needs

Books on the Dachshund Breed are Highly recommended! 
 Knowledge is Power!
(Books we use are listed at the bottom!)

18X23 inch crate (Crate training is easy and very beneficial.  
                             A bored dachshund left home alone, can eat a couch 

Pee Pads and Pet Stain Remover (it's gonna happen)

Bed with 3 sides (the security of something to be up against is great)

Blankets for snuggling under

Harness (I recommend if you do not have a fenced in area)

Collar (for everyday and to hold tags) Lupine brand are replaced if they chew through them, I have had 2 replaced. Nice collars!


Feeding Bowl (NOT a self feeder, Dachshunds eat the amount you feed them. Dachshunds also need you to control their weight and keep their backs healthy)

Self Waterer (They need to drink regularly.  UTI's can come from lack of adequate water)

Treats (These really need to be limited ingredient treats. There are low fat recipes online too) Carrots and Bananas work nicely.
NO RAW HIDE PLEASE (read about Pancreatitis)

Maintenance Items
        toothpaste (doggie toothpaste, people toothpaste can upset 
                         doggie tummies)
        nail clippers
        scissors & comb (trim long hairs on feet and such)
        puppy shampoo ( baby shampoo works too)

Toys to buy
chew toys (buy toys can be costly, but are usually cheaper 
                        than replacing shoes, furniture and such)
        activity toys (keep their minds busy)
        pull toys (they need your interaction too)
        Agility Sets can be fun to use!  Good for mind and body!

Toys to avoid
Toys with squeakers only drive some to kill the toy and remove the squeaker.
        Rope toys and very small toys are discouraged.
        Toys with stuffing usually end up totally unstuffed in no time!

The more active your dachshund, the more muscle built up, the better their backs will be!  They are counting on you to take care of their bodies......they in turn will take care of your mind! 

Books We Use

Dog Life * Life Long Care For Your Dog * Dachshund, by Susan McCullough
Animal Planet Pet Care Library * Dachshunds, by Sheila Webster Boneham, Ph.D.
The Everything Dachshund Book, by Joan Hustace Walker
Kennel Club Books Interactive Series * Dachshund Smart Owner's Guide

Enjoy your new baby!!!