Thursday, April 3, 2014

Whew.....another big day at the vet. Dropped Cheyenne off this am to get a dental and a couple of stubborn baby teeth removed. Went back down the mountain with 5 more dogs for check ups and shots.....everyone checked out good, did well with their shots and got a cookie from the vet for good behavior. Cheyenne was a little groggy, but is up and ready for a small meal now. Duchess (our springer spaniel) did a lot better this time, she is so shy. The vet seemed to think bringing her with her buddies helped. So, Bogey, Dash, Tucker and Duchess all got shots. Brylie went with us, but after checking her chart, she doesn't need shots yet, so, she just road along and got a cookie, of course. All are settled mack in at home and enjoying the evening.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It has been kind of quiet here since Brylie's litter went to their new homes..............  So, we are excited that Miss Cheyenne is in heat.  Cheyenne is our Chocolate and Tan Piebald Long Haired Mini.  She is actually a little chubby and tips the scales at 10 lbs. She is 3 years old and has had one litter born in December 2012. She is a product of our Harley-Rose (chocolate and tan smooth, carries long, 9 1/2 lbs) and our Tucker (ee extreme red piebald long, 10 lbs. We will be breeding Cheyenne with our Bogey, cream brindle long, 8 1/2 lbs. Bogey is young.....SO PRAYERS FOR A GOOD BREEDING!!!

We are expecting Brylie, Maggie and Harley to go into heat in the next month or so........prayerfully new litters will be on the way soon.

Brylie is our Red Brindle Piebald Smooth.  She had a wonderful litter on her Birthday last Dec., so we are excited to see another litter from her.

Maggie is our Black and Tan Long, she is from our Ella and our Dash.  Maggie had a c-section last fall, so we are not positive we will breed her, still deciding.  Maggie has had very sweet litters, she tends to stick with black and tans and reds in both long and smooth.

Harley is our Chocolate and Tan Smooth, she carries long. This will be her last breeding, she always has super sweet babies.  Prayers for a good breeding for her too!!  Either way, she will be spay at the end of this year and continue to be our spoiled little girl!

So......Prayers for a successful breeding season and some sweet babies to love and pass on to new owners!